Day of Service Toolkit

If you need some help with creating your event, you're in the right place!

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What should I do first?

The first thing you should do is figure out what kind of event you want to do! Day of Service events don’t have to focus on recovery, but they should be created with needs of your local community in mind. Events can take many shapes and sizes.

Think about these three concepts when determining your Day of Service:


Is there an organization that does great work in your community that could use extra help? Create a donation drive for their needs!


Do you have friends or colleagues at organizations that have different missions, but similar values? Think about teaming up with them to maximize the impact!


Is there a population of people that could benefitfrom an event where they can get connected with resources? Organize a community resource fair!

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So, you really want to do a Day of Service in your community, but there's just one small issue: you've never planned an event before and need some guidance.

Join one of the upcoming workshops! We took feedback from organizers and participants last year and created workshops focused on key areas.

Please see the upcoming dates and corresponding workshop topics below. Click on the link to sign up for the event (each workshop has its own event page, so be sure to sign up for each one)

Logos and Templates

We want to help you create a successful Day of Service event, so we've created a few materials that you can use to help plan and market your event!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Anyone can participate in Day of Service by attending or hosting an event. Click here to make an account and get started. The recovery community includes family, friends, health care workers, counselors, community service providers, educators, government officials, advocates and anyone who supports our why.

  • Any time in September or October! We understand that September can be a busy month of events, due to the fact that it is National Recovery Month. So, we have added on October this year if you need to spread your events out.


  • When creating your event, if you keep the “Allow people to RSVP via my event page” option checked, then your service event will be open to the public for anyone to sign up. Event organizers will get an email once someone RSVPs for the event.

    Event option

    If you uncheck the “Allow people to RSVP via my event page” option, your event page will be displayed on the site but other people won't be able to sign up.


    You can also hide your event page completely by checking the "Hide my event page" option. 

  • Your first and last name will be visible on your event page, but including additional contact information for public display is optional.