Overdose Awareness Event

Hosted by Chekesha E.
Date & Time
September 30, 2023 from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM (Eastern Time)
Event Details

Chase No More Recovery Group aims to increase public awareness surrounding mental health and addiction recovery.

I will be reuniting with my community. In 2021and 2022 I have visited all of the Brown's Shoprite Supermarkets and Fresh Grocer supermarkets in Philadelphia. Providing advocacy, public education and resources. This journey is very important to me because I have reached many families in these stores.

Bring your children, bring your neighbors children, bring your grandparents,  there is no target audience because addiction does not discriminate,  it has no face. You cannot always look at a person from the outside and tell if they are addicted.

If you have a loved one in active substance use and you want them to receive some hope, I'll loan them mine, because I'm living proof that recovery is real.

See you all soon !


For more information, contact Kay Ellis at 2155002609
This event ended on September 30, 2023
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